How to Use our Services


The public registry is available at:


Use the following commands for mounting:

Add !registry to Plan 9 systems

To use tcp!!registry on Plan 9 systems (like on inferno) add the following line to /lib/ndb/common:

tcp=registry port=6675

Add New Services

You can post new services to the registry using standard methods. For Inferno systems check out the official documentation, since it's a standard Inferno registry. For Plan 9 systems it is possible by writing strings to the new file, like documented in the Inferno manual.

For Plan 9 systems you can use the following command to post your service:

>/mnt/registry/new {echo 'tcp!yourserver!port description ''your description'' contact type fileserver'; while(sleep 3600);}. The while loop is used to keep the file descriptor open. When the file descriptor is closed, the service will be removed from the registry.

You can integrate this command in your system or add similar behaviour to your applications.

Make new account @ EXTRA auth

Achtung: Creating a new account a EXTRA auth will not necessarily grant access to EXTRA services. Sometimes you will need to activate your account at their fileserver.

To create a new account you will need some way to access a 9front machine via rcpu. Drawterm will be enough. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect as newuser to the auth server: rcpu -u newuser -h
  2. You are presented with a wizard-like process. Follow it.

Currently you won't receive automated mails. Still it is best to provide a working mail address so we can reach you if necessary.

Change your password

You can change your password using standard routines on every CPU server. For convenience you can rcpu into and change your password there.

Unofficial fs+cpu grid (sirjofri)

This service can be considered the first EXTRA service on It is meant to provide some place to work on projects but also share files.

To activate your EXTRA user account at this fileserver you need to connect to its fileserver:

  1. Connect as yourself: tlsclient -a tcp!!9999
  2. You will be asked if you want to activate your account. Answering this with y will activate the account on the server.
  3. After that, you can connect to any cpu server on the grid. All users have their own /usr-directory.

The service will be extended with software and other services. Let's see how it develops.

Promote EXTRA Services

As we are still focusing on the CORE services we currently can't support all EXTRA services!

If you want to host your services under the domain see the following checklist and verify that your project fits the description:

If all of these points apply to your project, contact us and we can figure out the details together. If we decide your project doesn't fit don't be discouraged! We try to give you details about our decision. It's very likely that we like your project and want to support you by other means.