A Public Registry for 9p Services


9p.zone is a public 9p registry and more.

We not only provide a public service registry, also some public services are done under this domain.

This international project is done by multiple people distributed all over the world, united by our common interest in the 9p protocol as well as other concepts and software in the Plan 9 family.

All our services are publicly available for free. Although we would love to have infinite resources for free, without money nothing really works. Servers cost money, hosting a domain costs money.

We try to keep the CORE registry services up 24/7. If you notice it's down try again later and after some time, contact us.


The public registry is available at:


Use the following commands for mounting:

The index file contains one registry entry per line. The first field is the dial string, the remainder of the line contains attributes like attrname value. If necessary, the value is quoted with single quotes.

Writing to the new file adds a new entry to the registry. See the manual for more information.

An example of a "connect to the grid" script can be found at this link. The script mounts all the services from the registry and opens chat windows in a separate rio session. Messages are typed in directly and sent with a ctrl+d after a newline.


You can use our service registry for free.

More info coming soon!

Our CORE Services

Our primary service is providing a Global 9p Registry service for various 9p services. Service providers can use our registry to share their service with the worldwide community of 9p users.

This registry is operating system agnostic. It can be used from the original Plan 9, 9front as well as inferno. Writing integration for other 9p software is trivial, thanks to the flexibility of the 9p protocol.

Extra Infrastructure Services

We also provide additional infrastructure services for EXTRA services, described in the following list. More information about EXTRA services below.

(* planned features)

EXTRA Services

To make 9p.zone a friendly place for all, users can provide additional services for the community. These services are not created by ourselves, that's why they're called EXTRA services.

We want to make things easier. That's why we try to provide some general infrastructure and help people create cool projects.

This sounds great, doesn't it? There will still be some time until the EXTRA services are usable with our infrastructure. We will focus on creating our CORE services first!

Help Us

Best help: use our services and talk about them!

It is possible to support us with money: